Gospel Song Video | “God Is the Ruler of the 6,000 Year Management Plan”

We all know that God created man and brought us humanity to this day, but do you know God’s plan for salvation? Do you know how God works step by step to save man? please listen to read this song, and you will understand.

Gospel Song Video | “God Is the Ruler of the 6,000 Year Management Plan”

God Is the Ruler of the 6,000-Year Management Plan

The work of God is to be done by God Himself. It is He who sets His work in motion, and it is He who concludes His work. It is He who plans the work, and it is He who manages it, and even more, it is He who brings the work to fruition. As stated in the Bible, “I am the Beginning and the End; I am the Sower and the Reaper.” All that pertains to the work of His management is done by God Himself.Read More »


2021 Christian Video | “Do You Know About Eastern Lightning?” (Sketch)

What really is the origin of Eastern Lightning? Is it God’s work, and what kind of mysteries does it hold? watch this vedio and you will find the answers.

Disasters are growing and the prophecies of the Lord’s coming have been fulfilled, but the religious world still hasn’t welcomed the Lord. Only Eastern Lightning has been bearing witness that the Lord Jesus has returned as Almighty God incarnate. Many brothers and sisters in the Lord are perplexed: Is Eastern Lightning really God’s appearance and work? Cheng Xiangming and his family debate this very question in their fellowship. Will they be able to welcome the Lord in the end? To find out, watch Do You Know About Eastern Lightning?


Christian Experience: The Path to Escape Being a Slave to Sin Is Found

How can Christians be free from sin? This text tells you how to be free from sin. Read now.

By Sara, United States


My Inability to Cast Off Sin Causes Me Much Distress

Will the Lord Perform New Work When He Returns?

Does Good Behavior Demonstrate That Our Dispositions Have Changed?

So, This Is How God Judges and Purifies Man

I Recognize the Voice of God and Joyfully Welcome the Lord’s Return

My Inability to Cast Off Sin Causes Me Much Distress

I am a Christian. As a young woman, before I began believing in the Lord, I always had such a strong drive to excel over others. I always felt that I was more educated than my mom and I always disregarded my mom’s suggestions. My mom was also very self-opinionated, always trying to get me to do what she said, and so the two of us were often at loggerheads because of our differing opinions.Read More »

God Appearing and Working in China Is So Significant

Hearing that the Lord has descended in secret and become flesh in China, doing His work and speaking lots of words, some people think that China is the darkest and the most backward country which resists God most severely. How come the Lord returns to such a country? The Lord should have returned to Israel. However, where He chooses to do His work, there is significance. God has carried out the work of purification upon Chinese people who are the most corrupt and backward, which shows the most representative meaning and which most shows forth God’s almightiness and wisdom…
Read the article to learn more about the purpose of God doing His work in China so that we can welcome the appearance of God!

God Appearing and Working in China Is So SignificantGod gave His glory to Israel and then took it away, and afterward He brought the Israelites to the East, and all of humanity to the East. God has brought them all to the light so that they may be reunited with it, and be in association with it, and no longer have to search for it. God shall let all who are searching see the light again and see the glory He had in Israel; God shall let them see that He has long ago come down upon a white cloud into the midst of mankind, let them see the countless clouds of white and fruits in their abundant clusters, and, what is more, let them see Jehovah God of Israel. God shall let them look upon the Master of the Jews, the longed-for Messiah, and the full appearance of God who has been persecuted by kings throughout the ages. Read More »

I Finally Understand How Jesus Will Come in the Last Days

Now disasters have become a common occurrence all over the world.The biblical prophecies of the Lord’s second coming have basically been fulfilled. Read this article and you’ll find the way to welcome the Lord’s return.

By Mu Guang, South Korea

I thank God for showing me kindness, for allowing me to hear His voice, for allowing me to understand how the Lord will return and the truth of the incarnation, and for allowing me to welcome the Lord’s return and be raised up before the throne of God.

——EpigraphRead More »

Utterances of Christ | Chapter 27

Today, God’s words have reached their pinnacle, which is to say, the second part of the era of judgment has reached its peak. But this is not the highest peak. At this time, God’s tone has changed—it is neither mocking nor humorous, and it is neither chastening nor scolding; God has lightened the tone of His words. Now, God begins to “exchange sentiments” with man. God is both continuing the work of the era of judgment and at the same time opening up the path of the next section of work, so that all sections of His work are intertwined with each other. Read More »

The Church of Almighty God | Chapter 26

The Church of Almighty God | God's word

The Church of Almighty God | Chapter 26

From all of the words spoken by God, it can be seen that the day of God draws nearer with each passing day. It is as if this day is right before people’s eyes, as if it will arrive tomorrow. Thus, after reading God’s words, all people are struck with terror, and they also sense a part of the world’s desolation, like leaves that fall in a breeze, accompanied by a light rain. People disappear without a trace, as if they have all vanished entirely. Everyone has an ominous feeling, and though all people try hard and wish to satisfy God’s will, and each person uses all their might to satisfy God’s intention, that God’s will may proceed smoothly and without obstruction, such a sentiment is always mingled with a sense of foreboding. Read More »

Mysteries of the Bible: Is It Right to Delimit God’s Words and Work to the Bible?

Did you know? God does not take the Bible as the basis of what He does
The Lord has returned and expressed words to do new work. After hearing the news, some people think that all of God’s word and work are in the Bible, that anything that goes beyond the Bible is not God’s work but a heresy. Does this view conform to the facts of God’s work? Let us read this article together and find the answer from it.

The Church of Almighty God | the bible

By Xia Yu

A few days ago, Brother Li, who had returned from working elsewhere, hurried over and said to me that he happened to come across someone who preached to him that the Lord Jesus had already returned, and that the Lord was speaking new words and performing new work beyond those that are recorded in the Bible. He didn’t think this possible, however, because pastors and elders often preached at church assemblies that all of God’s words and works are recorded in the Bible, that there are no words of God beyond the Bible, and that God cannot possibly perform any new work beyond that which is in the Bible.Read More »

Christian Song | “Can God’s Name Be Determined by Created Beings?”

My friend, Do you know what the different names of God in the Bible are? Do you know why God changed his name? The answer is in this song; click to Listen it, and you will know.

Christian Song | “Can God’s Name Be Determined by Created Beings?”

God has many names, but these many names cannot fully articulate God’s disposition, for God’s disposition is so rich that it simply exceeds man’s capacity to know Him. There is no way for man, using the language of mankind, to encapsulate God fully. Mankind has but a limited vocabulary with which to encapsulate all that they know of God’s disposition. One particular word or name does not have the capacity to represent God in His entirety, so do you think His name can be fixed? God is so great and so holy, yet you will not permit Him to change His name in each new age?Read More »

Gospel Movie Extract 2 From “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit”: Can the Saved Enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

Being saved by grace doesn’t mean being qualified to enter the heavenly kingdom!
Can those believers in the Lord who are saved by grace enter the heavenly kingdom? Perhaps you will say “definitely.” However, have you ever thought: Why did so many believers die in this plague? Obviously, not all of the people who have been saved by grace can enter the heavenly kingdom. Then what kind of people can enter the heavenly kingdom? Please watch the video right away to understand the true meaning of salvation and find a way of entering the heavenly kingdom…

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