After Many Twists and Turns, I Finally Welcome the Second Coming of Jesus

By Xinzao, South Korea

Editor’s Note: The Lord Jesus has returned, and this is a matter that stirs the hearts of man. It was only after many twists and turns, however, that she was finally able to be reunited with the Lord. On her journey to welcome the Lord, who was it trying to obstruct her? Let’s take a journey of our own into her story …

When we lived in China, my husband and I believed in the Lord as members of a house church, and later we came to South Korea together for work. Since the churches here in Korea were becoming increasingly desolate, we stopped attending church altogether. After my daughter was born, we both hoped she would build a foundation of faith while she was a child, so we decided to attend meetings at a Korean Presbyterian Church near our home.Read More »


The Hidden Truth of the CCP Persecuting Eastern Lightning

Hello, Sister Wang,

I’ve been looking into the way of Eastern Lightning for some time now. By reading Almighty God’s words and watching The Church of Almighty God’s gospel films and videos, I’ve learned about the purpose of God’s three stages of work, the mysteries of God’s incarnations, the significance of God taking on a different name in each age, the inside story of the Bible, what a wise virgin is and what a foolish virgin is, what truly being raptured is, how God’s judgment of the last days cleanses, transforms, and perfects people, plus what people’s destinations and outcomes will be. I’ve come to understand so many truths I never did before and my faith and love for God have been restored. I’ve had a lot of spiritual enjoyment. I’ve seen that Almighty God’s words are the truth; they possess authority and might and couldn’t be uttered by a human being. They are utterances that come from the Holy Spirit. I feel that Eastern Lightning must be the true way. However, some of the pastors and elders in religious circles say that if it is the true way, why is it so suppressed, persecuted, and condemned by the CCP? I’m not clear on this and want to do more seeking.

Yang Guang

The Hidden Truth of the CCP Persecuting Eastern Lightning

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I See Through the CCP’s Lies and Welcome the Lord’s Return

By Li Shengmei, South Korea


When she heard the news of the Lord’s return, she wanted to seek and investigate God’s work of the last days in earnest, but she ended up being deceived by the CCP’s lies, and almost missed the Lord’s salvation in the last days. Subsequently, under the wondrous guidance of the Lord, she came to understand some truths, she saw through the CCP’s lies, and she welcomed the Lord’s return. What exactly did she go through on her journey to welcome the Lord? And how was she finally reunited with the Lord? Let’s read about her wonderful experiences together.

I See Through the CCP’s Lies and Welcome the Lord’s Return

In August 2017, my back suddenly began to hurt, and the pain was getting worse and worse. I was afraid it would interfere with my service in the church, and so I went to a massage clinic for treatment. There it was that I met the missionary Brother Zheng. Brother Zheng had unique insights into biblical passages, and his fellowships about the Scriptures were very enlightening. Through listening to him give fellowship, I came to understand a little about such truths as how the prophecies in Revelation are to be fulfilled, and how to be a wise virgin in order to welcome the Lord. In just a few days, I understood more than I had in years of attending morning prayer meetings, and I thanked the Lord for arranging this for me from the bottom of my heart.

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A Battle

Eastern Lightning | image

By Zhang Hui, China

My name is Zhang Hui, and in 1993 my entire family came to believe in the Lord Jesus. I was an enthusiastic seeker, so I quickly became a preacher. I would often travel around to different churches to work and preach. After a few years, I quit my job and began to serve the Lord full time. However, for some unknown reason, my brothers’ and sisters’ faith and love gradually cooled, and jealousy and strife grew between co-workers. I also felt that my spirit was withering, and I had nothing left to preach on. In 2005, my wife got cancer, and she died soon after that. This was a huge blow for me and I became even weaker. One day, I went to stay at my cousin’s house and met two sisters there who preached Almighty God’s gospel of the kingdom.Read More »

Who Are the Pharisees of Today?

Who Are the Pharisees of Today?

By Jingmo, Malaysia

In my 22 years as a Christian, I was mainly in charge of church finances and the Sunday school. In May 2017, I met Sister Jane from France on Facebook. She bore witness to Almighty God’s work of the last days and said the Lord Jesus had returned in the flesh to express the truth and to judge and cleanse man. I was thrilled beyond words. I looked into it further and saw that the words expressed by Almighty God are the truth, that they are God’s voice, the spring of living waters flowing from the throne. My spirit was nourished and sustained. My two daughters and I gladly accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days.Read More »

Hanging by a Thread

Who are the Pharisees today? Read this article, and you will find the answer from the experience of brother Zhang Hui.

Hanging by a Thread

By Zhang Hui, China

Young brother: I accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days over a month ago. The pastor and elders haven’t stopped hassling me and getting my parents to stand in my way, too. I’m feeling kind of weak and don’t know how to get through this. Oh, Brother Zhang, I heard you had the same experience with a pastor right after you accepted this stage of God’s work. How did you get through it?Read More »

Breaking Through the Lies to Turn Toward God

Since he got married with his wife ten years ago, he had never quarreled with his wife. However, because of the “May 28 Zhaoyuan Case” on the internet reported by the CCP government, he began to constantly quarrel with his wife and hindered his wife from believing in Almighty God, but quarralling didn’t stop the footsteps of his wife believing in God. On one occasion, he watched a song and dance video produced by The Church of Almighty God. The beautiful song and dance shocked him… For this reason, he decided to go to The Church of Almighty God and investigate. Through his practical investigation, he not only saw through the rumors spread by the CCP but also miraculously accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days and followed the footsteps of the Lamb… Do you know how he saw through the rumors and follow up God’s footsteps? Please read the following article!

Breaking Through the Lies to Turn Toward God

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Practice the Truth to Live Out a Human Likeness

Practice the Truth to Live Out a Human Likeness

By Miao Xiao, China

I used to think that by doing my duty, getting along with brothers and sisters, and not committing obvious sins, I was living out a human likeness. But I was judged and exposed over and over again by God’s words and I finally saw that having a human likeness isn’t just about external behavior. The key is to practice God’s words, let go of our own interests and hold to principles when something happens, uphold God’s work, and care for His will.Read More »

Regarding the Lord’s Return, to Whom Should One Listen?

“Now, many people are testifying online that the Lord has returned. The Lord’s coming should be exciting news, but the pastors say, ‘All the preachings of the Lord’s coming is false.’ Tell me, whose words should I listen to?” I received this message from my friend in the morning.
I was once confronted with the same situation. It was a sister’s experience that gave me the answer, showed me the correct way to confirm the Lord has truly come already, and eventually welcomed the Lord.
Friends, I want to share this article with you all who heard the news of the Lord’s return but still hesitate. Hopefully, all of us can be the people pure in heart and distinguishing right from wrong. Only such people have the chance to welcome the Lord.

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