Is it true testimony of faith in God if one only enjoys God’s grace?

Is it true testimony of faith in God if one only enjoys God’s grace?

Relevant Words of God:

If you only enjoy the grace of God, with a peaceful family life or material blessings, then you have not gained God, and your belief in God has failed. God has already carried out one stage of the work of grace in the flesh, and has already bestowed material blessings upon man—but man cannot be made perfect with grace, love, and mercy alone. In man’s experiences he encounters some of God’s love, and sees the love and mercy of God, yet having experienced for a period of time, he sees that God’s grace and His love and mercy are incapable of making man perfect, and incapable of revealing that which is corrupt within man, nor are they able to rid man of his corrupt disposition, or make perfect his love and faith. God’s work of grace was the work of one period, and man cannot rely on enjoying the grace of God in order to know God.Read More »


God’s Grace Frees Her From Her Painful Marriage (Part 1)

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Christian Testimony: God’s Grace Frees Her From Her Painful Marriage (Part 1)

By A’Jiao

Jiao sat by the window looking at the divorce certificate in her hands with a sense of relief. Because of God’s grace and salvation, Jiao was finally free from her painful marriage. She gazed at the street outside the window, and everything that had happened between her and her ex-husband passed through her mind …Read More »

God Led Me Out of the Pain of a Failed Marriage After My Wife’s Affair (Audio Essay)


Christian Testimony: God Led Me Out of the Pain of a Failed Marriage After My Wife’s Affair (Audio Essay)

Zhuiqiu, Taiwan

Outside the window, the sun was slowly rising and the brilliant sunshine flooded the earth. Everything was so bright. Birds hopped from branch to branch, happily chirping away—their songs were particularly pleasing to the ear. I heard a hymn “God’s Love Brings Us Close Together.” I was really moved. It’s true—only with God there is love, only with love there is family. When I was in the most pain and despair it was God who led me out of my suffering over the failure of my marriage and brought me hope; He also brought me a new pursuit. I really give thanks to God’s salvation! At that moment I stood up and walked over to the window and so many past events floated up before my eyes …Read More »

How to Get Over a Breakup

Christian Testimony: How to Get Over a Breakup

Early one morning at the start of summer, a faint fragrance permeated the air and sunlight poured into every corner. Qinyi, wearing a flower-patterned chiffon dress, sat feeling happy at the subway station, waiting for the next train to come. Turning her head, Qinyi happened to see on a video screen a girl breaking up with a boy because he had been two-timing her, then the girl turning away and leaving with tears running down her cheeks. Qinyi stared fixedly at the screen. Just then, she suddenly thought of how she had been before, when she had harbored a longing for a beautiful love where she and her boyfriend would walk through life together, but in the end, she had received only scars and wounds …Read More »

What Should I Do After My Husband Has an Affair? (Part 1)

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 Christian Testimony: What Should I Do After My Husband Has an Affair? (Part 1)

By Shiji

Romance novels were my companions as I grew up. Whenever I read stories about male and female protagonists swearing to uphold their love and going through untold hardships before finally achieving their desires, I was always moved to tears. From that time on, such ideas as “till death do us part” and “love is supreme” became deeply rooted in my heart, and I began to yearn for the kind of sincere love that I found in these novels, to look forward to having a happy and blissful marriage, and to long to be able to find a life-long partner in the future.Read More »

A Christian Marriage: An Unfaithful Husband Gets Back on Track

By Li Zhen

Ling Fan’s father had an affair when she was three years old; her mother divorced him in a fury and took Ling Fan along with her into her second marriage. But her stepfather never liked Ling Fan and would often beat her for no reason at all, terribly wounding little Ling Fan’s spirit. She thought every single day about how she could escape that home that brought her so much suffering while also looking forward to forming her own happy family after growing up. After getting married at 23 years old, she finally had her own home. She thought she’d be able to live in happiness, but reality didn’t turn out as she had imagined.Read More »

Christian Experience: Reaping Happiness From Rebuilding Trust in Marriage

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Testimonies: Reaping Happiness From Rebuilding Trust in Marriage

Editor’s Note: Trust is paramount between husband and wife. It’s the cornerstone of a marriage, and if that’s lost, it’s doomed to failure. But in this current age there’s an epidemic of extramarital affairs and people taking on mistresses; the temptations of the outside world can’t be overcome. Couples frequently live in a state of suspicion because they’re lacking in trust, which brings about a marital crisis. So how can this issue be resolved? Yi Xuan’s experience can show us.Read More »

Best Christian Family Movie “Where Is My Home” | God Gave Me a Happy Family

New Christian Family Movie “Where Is My Home” | God Gave Me a Happy Family (English Dubbed Movie)

    Wenya’s parents separated when she was two, and after that she lived with her father and stepmother. Her stepmother couldn’t stand her and was always arguing with her father. He had little choice—he had to send Wenya to her mother’s house, but her mother was fully focused on running her business and didn’t have any time to take care of Wenya, so she was often shuttled off to her relatives’ and friends’ homes to be fostered. Read More »