Gospel Movie Extract 2 From “Yearning”: The Mystery of God’s Appearance

The Prophecies of the Lord’s Return Have Come True, but Why Have We Not Seen the Lord Descend Upon the Cloud?
The pandemic is still constantly spreading. Manila returns to lockdown and many people are facing the crisis of being unable to find a job and lacking food. In such a dangerous and hard situation, many people are earnestly longing for the Lord to come and rapture them into the kingdom of heaven to avoid the suffering of current disasters. Now disasters around the world occur frequently and most prophecies of the Lord’s return have come true, but why have we still not seen the Lord descend upon the cloud yet? Could it be that the Lord has already returned but we don’t know it? How can we welcome the Lord? Watching the video Yearning (2): Do You Understand the Mystery of God’s Appearance, then you can get the answer!

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Gospel Movie Extract From “Yearning”: Where Is the Place That the Lord Has Prepared for Us?

Behind the fact that the Lord went to prepares a place for us, there is a great mystery!
Those brothers and sisters who truly believe in the Lord all know that the Lord Jesus once promised us, “I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to myself; that where I am, there you may be also”(John 14:2-3). Based on this scripture, we think that since the Lord Jesus ascended into heaven, the place He prepares for us is sure be in heaven. So, we often pray to God and long for the Lord to come early to take us into the kingdom of heaven and thus help us escape from such a miserable life. Later, I watched a 17-min movie clip of “YEARNING” on the network. I then come to know that there is a mystery behind the scripture. The meaning of the verse of scripture is not as simple as we think. From then on, I came to know where the place the Lord prepares for us is. Thank God!

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True Christian Movies “Where Is My Home” Clip – Only God Can Save Mankind and Free Us From Pain

Why are we so pained to be alive?
How can we get rid of pain and gain happiness?
Are you also bitterly seek the answers to these questions? Have you sought them?
If not, maybe you can watch this short video and it will give you a satisfying answer.

True Christian Movies “Where Is My Home” Clip – Only God Can Save Mankind and Free Us From Pain

Why is there suffering in human life? Many wrestle with this but never find the answer. Wenya and her family encounter an unforeseen change in circumstances, fully tasting the vicissitudes of human relationships. In the end, they find the root of suffering in people’s lives in Almighty God’s words and come to understand how to cast off their pain and attain true happiness. This wonderful clip, “Only God Can Save Mankind and Free Us From Pain” from the Christian film, Where Is My Home, will help you find the answer.

Gospel Movie Extract 2 From “The Gospel Messenger”: Christ Is God Incarnate

During the process of yearning for the Lord’s return, I once committed a grave mistake: when I heard the news of the Lord’s return, I followed the religious world to treat the incarnate Almighty God as an ordinary person, to deny and reject Almighty God. Unknowingly, I walked on a way of resisting God. Thanks to God’s mercy, He sent brothers and sisters to spread the gospel to me so that I could listen to God’s voice and welcome the Lord. Now I really experience that if we don’t know the truth of the incarnation and just measure Christ according to His outward appearance, indeed, it’s easy to resist God. Here I’d like to share this video with you all to understand the mystery of the incarnation. Please watch it right away…Read More »

Gospel Movies Extract 1 From “The People of the Heavenly Kingdom”: A Christian Acts Honestly and Receives God’s Blessing

Honest People Will Be Blessed by God
In this dark and evil world, do you think only those who play tricks and cheat others can proceed smoothly, while those honest people will suffer loss and belittled by others? However, do you know? Such a viewpoint is totally wrong, for God takes joy in honest people and blesses honest people. If we become an honest person according to God’s requirements, we not only can live out the likeness of a human being but also we can gain God’s blessings. Then would you like to know the path to becoming an honest person? Please the following movie and it will give you an answer…Read More »

Christian Movie Extract 1 From “The Price We Must Pay”: Is Hard Work, Giving Things Up, and Expending Yourself for the Lord Really Obeying God?

Many people think that as long as we abandon things and expend ourselves are the people who are obedient to God, the people who do the will of God, also the people God blesses. When the Lord comes, such a kind of person will surely enter the kingdom of heaven. Does such understanding accord with the will of the Lord? We all know those Pharisee of two thousand years ago, they also paid a great price. They were the people serving Jehovah God in the temple. Though they abandoned many things, they didn’t know God so that they nailed the Lord Jesus on the cross. The Lord Jesus said, “… I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity”(Matthew 7:22-23). To those people who preach and work in the name of the Lord Jesus, why did the Lord Jesus condemn them, saying, “you that work iniquity”? Then what kind of person is the one who truly obeys God? Knowing this aspect of the truth is very important, for it is related to whether we can enter the kingdom of heaven. Please watch a movie clip, “The Price We Must Pay”: Is Hard Work, Giving Things Up, and Expending Yourself for the Lord Really Obeying God?Read More »

Gospel Movie Extract 1 From “Faith in God 2 – After the Church Falls”: What Did the Lord Mean by “Pray for Those Who Persecute You”?

Gospel Movie Extract 1 From “Faith in God 2 – After the Church Falls”: What Did the Lord Mean by “Pray for Those Who Persecute You”?

Since the Chinese Communist Party came to power, it has continuously suppressed and persecuted Christianity and Catholicism in order to fully eradicate all religious beliefs and establish China as a zone of atheism. Read More »

movie about faith in God “From the Jaws of Death” | God Gave Me a Second Life

movie about faith in God “From the Jaws of Death” | God Gave Me a Second Life

Liu Zhen, 78 years old, is a typical rural housewife. After believing in God, she felt unparalleled joy from reading His words and singing songs of praise to Him every day, and frequently gathering with her brothers and sisters to fellowship on the truth. … However, good things never last.Read More »