The Mystery of the Incarnation (2)

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At that time when Jesus worked in Judea, He did so openly, but now, I work and speak among you in secret. The unbelievers are completely unaware of it. My work among you is closed to those on the outside. These words, these chastisements and judgments, are known only to you and no others. All of this work is carried out in your midst and unveiled only to you; none among the unbelievers knows of this, for the time has not yet come. Read More »


It Is Very Important to Establish a Normal Relationship With God

Keeping a proper relationship with God is of importance for every believer in God, it is because it decides whether we can gain the work of the Holy Spirit and whether we can act in accordance with G-d’s will and be commended by Him. Take me for example, if my heart had strayed from G-d for some time, I would have not known G-d’s will on the matters that don’t conform to my will, and thereby resist it in my heart, which would make me fall into pains. Then how can we establish a proper relationship with G-d? I got enlightened and understand the path of this aspect by reading some words today. So, I ‘d like to share it with all my friends.Read More »

Only by Experiencing Refinement Can Man Possess True Love

The Church of Almighty God | God's word

All of you are in the midst of trial and refinement. How should you love God during refinement? Having experienced refinement, people are able to offer true praise to God, and amidst refinement, they can see that they are very much lacking. The greater your refinement, the more you are able to renounce the flesh; the greater people’s refinement, the greater their love for God.Read More »

To Have an Unchanged Disposition Is to Be in Enmity to God

The Church of Almighty God | God's word

After several thousand years of corruption, man is numb and dull-witted; he has become a demon that opposes God, to the extent that man’s rebelliousness toward God has been documented in the books of history, and even man himself is incapable of giving a full account of his rebellious behavior—for man has been profoundly corrupted by Satan, and has been led astray by Satan such that he knows not where to turn. Read More »