Gospel Movie Extract 1 From “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit”: Exploring the Cause of Desolate Churches

Why Does the Church Become More and More Desolate?
As I chatted with a friend, he said : “Nowadays, the clergy only ever preach on the same old things; the believers’ faith and love have grown cold, and many follow the evil worldly trends, pursuing life’s pleasure and material enjoyment. They knowingly sin and hardly feel guilty even when they sin and resist the Lord. All they do is just going through the motions of praying and repenting to God. Besides, they attend gatherings as a formality, and since they cannot benefit from it, they simply stop attending meetings. In short, the situation with the churches now is very similar to that with the temple at the end of the Age of Law. Why? Has the Lord forsaken us? Facing the situation, what should we do?
These questions are also the confusions of many believers in the Lord. Today I wanna recommend you all a video, in which the protagonist had the same questions, but by seeking the truth, he found the root cause of the churches’ desolation, and eventually he welcomed the Lord and gained the watering and sustenance of the living water of life. Please watch this video, and it will help you.Read More »


Gospel Movie Extract 1 From “The Gospel Messenger”: What Did the Lord Jesus Mean When He Said “It Is Finished” on the Cross?

The True Meaning of the Words “It Is Finished” Spoken by the Lord Jesus on the Cross
Does “It is finished” spoken by the Lord Jesus after His crucifixion mean that His work of saving man has been completed? Please watch this video to learn the meaning of “It is finished,” so that you will be able to obtain God’s end-time salvation.

Gospel Movie Extract 1 From “The Gospel Messenger”: What Did the Lord Jesus Mean When He Said “It Is Finished” on the Cross?

Many people in the religious world think: “The Lord Jesus saying on the cross ‘It is finished’ proves that God’s work of saving mankind was finished. Simply by believing in the Lord, we are forgiven of sin, justified by faith, and saved by grace. When the Lord comes, He will bring us up into the kingdom of heaven. He can’t possibly do any more work of salvation.” Is this view in line with the facts of God’s work?

Christian Movie Extract 2 From “The People of the Heavenly Kingdom”: How to Resolve Deceitfulness and Become an Honest Person Who Brings God Joy

How to Resolve Deceitful Nature and to Become an Honest Person Taken Joy in by God
In real life, I always can’t help but tell lies for the sake of my own interests. When I encounter something that isn’t peaceful, I’ll still complain against God. I think of the Lord Jesus’ words saying, “Truly I say to you, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3). From it, I can see that I can’t practice being an honest person according to God’s words, so I feel quite distressed. In the afternoon, I watched a movie extract on the Internet. From it, I understand that only if we resolve our deceitful nature can we practice becoming an honest person and be blessed by God. My friends, if you would also like to find a path of becoming an honest person, being saved by God and entering the heavenly kingdom, watch the movie right away…Read More »

Short Christian movies “Fortune and Misfortune” | Can Money Buy Happiness? (English Dubbed)

True Christian Movies “Fortune and Misfortune” | Can Money Buy Happiness? (English Dubbed)

Because she came from an impoverished family, from an early age Du Juan was determined to make a lot of money to live a better life. In order to realize this aim, she left school early on to do manual work, whatever she could do to earn money.Read More »

2020 Christian Testimony Video | “The Fight to Be an Honest Person” | Based on a True Story

Welcome the Second Coming of Christ | 2020 Christian Testimony Video | “The Fight to Be an Honest Person” | Based on a True Story

Zhen Cheng runs his appliance repair shop in a straightforward, honest way, but he makes very little money each month. Worn down by his wife’s complaints, egged on by his brother-in-law, and influenced by society, little by little he compromises his own ethics and starts engaging in shady tactics to earn more money and live comfortably. After gaining faith in Almighty God, he learns from God’s words that God likes honest people. Faced with this requirement from God, an internal battle commences in Zhen Cheng’s heart: If he’s an honest person, he’ll earn much less money and might even go into debt or lose his business. After this internal battle has played out several times, what does he ultimately choose? You’ll find out in The Fight to Be an Honest Person.

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Gospel of the Return of Jesus | Movie Trailer “Ironclad Proofs—Disclose the Mystery About the Bible”

Gospel of the Return of Jesus | Movie Trailer “Ironclad Proofs—Disclose the Mystery About the Bible”

She believed in the Lord from childhood. At 18, she entered a theological school. In her 30’s, she became one of the leaders of a house church in Shanxi Province, China. For a long time, the Bible had a holy place and supreme authority in her heart. She thought that one could only know God and find God’s footsteps in the Bible. Thus, she devoted herself to reading and studying the Bible. However, there were still many mysteries in the Bible which puzzled her. Until one day….

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Returning to God, I Find a Happy Life | “It’s Good to Believe in God” | Full Christian Family Movie

Returning to God, I Find a Happy Life | “It’s Good to Believe in God” | Full Christian Family Movie

To earn enough money to live a good life, Ding Ruilin and her husband put in bitterly hard work to open and run a business. But, thanks to the CCP government’s exploitation and abuse, they remain heavily in debt, and have no choice but to go abroad to work. To make more money, Ding Ruilin takes on two jobs. The heavy burden of her work and the indifference of the people around her make her realize the pain and helplessness of living for money. In the midst of her pain and confusion, she meets high school classmate Lin Zhixin. In their talks, Ding Ruilin sees that Lin Zhixin has come to understand many things because of her faith in God. With God’s presence, she feels spiritual peace and happiness and lives in a relaxed, easy state, which makes Ding Ruilin want to believe in God as well. Soon, to make even more money, Ding Ruilin and her husband take over a restaurant, but long-term fatigue causes Ding Ruilin to become seriously ill, which in turn leaves her at risk of paralysis. The torment of her illness makes Ding Ruilin begin to reflect on life. What should people live for? Is it worth sacrificing your life for wealth and fame? Can money help people escape emptiness and misery? Can it save people from death? Through her sisters’ fellowship on God’s word, Ding Ruilin is able to clearly see the answers to these questions about life, she learns about the most important thing to pursue in life, and she finally finds spiritual release. Through the guidance in God’s word, Ding Ruilin finally discovers happiness in life …

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2020 Christian Testimony Movie Trailer | “Before the Election” | A True Christian Story

2020 Christian Testimony Movie Trailer | “Before the Election” | A True Christian Movie

Zhou Qingyu is a church leader of good caliber who is competent, has achieved good results in her duty, and has the approval of her brothers and sisters. When the annual church election approaches, she is confident she’ll be re-elected. That is, until the leader of the church in the city’s east, Yang Jie, is reported at a gathering and pursued by the CCP. She escapes, and is assigned a duty in Zhou Qingyu’s church, after which she also joins the election as a candidate. Soon, Zhou Qingyu discovers that the brothers and sisters all want to hear Yang Jie’s fellowship and praise her for having the reality of truth, and she becomes jealous of her. To protect her own status and reputation, Zhou Qingyu shows off, tries to ostracize Yang Jie, and finds herself controlled by the corrupt disposition of contending for name and status. How does Zhou Qingyu finally escape from the constraints and bondage of pursuing name and status? And when the election comes, how will she cast her vote? Watch Before the Election to find out.

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2019 Christian Family Movie “Child, Come Back Home” (Based on a True Story)

2019 Christian Family Movie “Child, Come Back Home” (Based on a True Story)

Li Xinguang is a senior high school student. He had been a sensible and well-behaved boy since he was little. His parents and his teachers were very fond of him. While going to middle school, he became infatuated with internet computer games. He would frequently skip classes in order to go to the internet café. His parents did their utmost to help him break his gaming addiction. Unfortunately, Li Xinguang’s addiction became worse and worse. He became dispirited and slowly changed into a troublesome boy. … When Li Xinguang’s parents felt that they were at their wit’s end, they heard that God is capable of saving people, helping them break their gaming addiction and break free from Satan’s corruption. As a result, they decided to believe in God and looked forward to God saving their son. From God’s words, they understood the source of mankind’s corruption and depravity. They saw the truth of man’s darkness and evil and they understood that only God can save people and set them free from Satan’s corruption and affliction. All Xinguang had to do was to believe in God and understand the truth, and he would be able to break his gaming addiction. As a result, they spread the gospel to Xinguang and guided Xinguang to read God’s words. They prayed to God and asked Him to save their son and help him break his gaming addiction. … After a fight, Xinguang started praying to God and relying on God. Under the guidance of God’s words, he eventually broke his gaming addiction and freed himself from Satan’s corruption and affliction. This son who had been hopelessly lost in internet games and internet cafés finally came home!

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Gospel Movie Extract 4 From “What a Beautiful Voice”: Is the Pardoning of Our Sins Really a Ticket to the Kingdom of Heaven?

Gospel Movie Clip (4) – Is the Pardoning of Our Sins Really a Ticket to the Kingdom of Heaven?

Many people in religion think that they have admitted their sins and repented of them after believing in the Lord, so they have been redeemed, and been saved by grace. When the Lord comes, He will lift them up directly into the kingdom of heaven, and He cannot possibly do the work of salvation. Does this view tally with the reality of God’s work? This video will show you the answer.

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