Christian Experience: The Path to Escape Being a Slave to Sin Is Found

How can Christians be free from sin? This text tells you how to be free from sin. Read now.

By Sara, United States


My Inability to Cast Off Sin Causes Me Much Distress

Will the Lord Perform New Work When He Returns?

Does Good Behavior Demonstrate That Our Dispositions Have Changed?

So, This Is How God Judges and Purifies Man

I Recognize the Voice of God and Joyfully Welcome the Lord’s Return

My Inability to Cast Off Sin Causes Me Much Distress

I am a Christian. As a young woman, before I began believing in the Lord, I always had such a strong drive to excel over others. I always felt that I was more educated than my mom and I always disregarded my mom’s suggestions. My mom was also very self-opinionated, always trying to get me to do what she said, and so the two of us were often at loggerheads because of our differing opinions.Read More »


Finding Freedom From Status

You must be a person who loves to hear testimonies of Christian experiences, right? Here are all kinds of true testimonies of salvation to testify God’s wonderful deeds for you. Read one article a day, and it will help you to increase your faith in the path of faith and gain more knowledge of God.

Finding Freedom From Status

By Dong En, France

I became a church leader in 2019. I did things my own way, was irresponsible in my duty, and I didn’t assign the right people to the right tasks, which all had an impact on church life. I was filled with remorse. I therefore resolved to get a good handle on church work. Back then, there were two group leaders who were to be reassigned, but I couldn’t find anyone suitable to replace them. I was consumed with worry, and thought, “If I can’t find anyone fit for these posts, my leader will say that I’m unable to do practical work. What if I end up being replaced?” I racked my brains and then thought of Sister Zhang: She was of good caliber and was good at her duty. She’d be great as a group leader. At this thought, I heaved a sigh of relief. I felt like I’d found someone to fill that post, and that my work would get easier now with the right person in the job.Read More »

In Letting Go of Selfishness, I Am Liberated

In Letting Go of Selfishness, I Am Liberated

By Xiaowei, China

Almighty God says: “In the dispositions of normal people there is no crookedness or deceitfulness, people have a normal relationship with each other, they do not stand alone, and their lives are neither mediocre nor decadent. So, too, is God exalted among all; His words permeate among man, people live in peace with one another and under the care and protection of God, the earth is filled with harmony, without the interference of Satan, and the glory of God holds the utmost importance among man. Such people are like angels: pure, vibrant, never complaining about God, and devoting all their efforts solely to God’s glory on earth” (“Chapter 16” of Interpretations of the Mysteries of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh).

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It Feels So Good to Take Off My Disguise

How can Christians be free from sin? This text tells you how to be free from sin. Read now.

It Feels So Good to Take Off My Disguise

By Chen Yuan, China

In September 2018, I was elected as a church leader. I was very happy at the time. I felt this must have happened because I was better than most brothers and sisters, and I must pursue truth and do my duties. I didn’t want people to think that my leadership was merely symbolic. One day I went to a group meeting. When discussing work, some of the brothers and sisters talked about specialist skills. I was a bit flustered. I knew almost nothing about it. What if they asked me questions, and I couldn’t answer? Would they look down on me and wonder how I could lead if I didn’t understand? I could just say nothing, but wouldn’t that make me a useless leader? What could I do? I sat there like a cat on a hot tin roof, filled with anxiety.Read More »

The Fetters of Fame and Gain

Have you had such a feeling before? When you see your colleagues are excellent, you will be jealous of them; when you see others are rich, you will envy them. To win others’ appreciation, you would rather cost all prices to pursue it. When you can’t achieve your goal, you will live with pain. In actuality, all these distresses are brought by fame and fortune. However, now you needn’t worry too much. The experience of the protagonist in the article can help you break free from the painful life bound by fame and fortune so that you can gain release and freedom.

The Fetters of Fame and Gain

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Testimony of a Christian: God Saves Me From Pain

Eastern Lightning | image

Testimony of a Christian: God Saves Me From Pain

By Shunxin, Thailand

Editor’s Note: If you have someone like this in your life, someone who wants to become wealthy but never succeeds, and who lives in torment, how should you help him escape his misery? What follows is the experience of author Shun Xin, whose predicament was precisely this, but today she can calmly evaluate her monetary gains and losses. How did she emerge from her torment? Let’s discover these things through her story.Read More »

My Spirit Liberated

Here is devotional sharing, testimonies of salvation of Christians who use their own personal experiences to tell you the way to be cleansed from sin, the way to welcome the Lord’s coming, etc. Read one article a day, and that will help you know more about and get closer to God.

By Mibu, Spain

In his life, if man wishes to be cleansed and achieve changes in his disposition, if he wishes to live out a life of meaning and fulfill his duty as a creature, then he must accept God’s chastisement and judgment, and must not allow God’s discipline and God’s smiting to depart from him, in order that he may free himself from the manipulation and influence of Satan, and live in the light of God. Know that God’s chastisement and judgment is the light, and the light of man’s salvation, and that there is no better blessing, grace or protection for man” (“God’s Chastisement and Judgment Is the Light of Man’s Salvation” in Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs). Singing this hymn of God’s words reminds me of an experience I had a few years ago.Read More »

Letting Go of Status Wasn’t Easy

Letting Go of Status Wasn’t Easy

By Li Zheng, China

I was born into a farming family. When I was little, I lost my parents, so my older brother and I had to depend on each other. We were very poor and people looked down on us. I used to think: “I will go to school, and one day I’ll stand head and shoulders above the rest.” Unfortunately, I had to quit school during my second year at high school as we had no money. My dream of standing head and shoulders above everyone else was dashed, and I felt totally crushed.Read More »

I Find the Way to Stop Myself From Sinning

I Find the Way to Stop Myself From Sinning

By Kemu, Myanmar

Editor’s Note: As a Christian, do you often feel distressed because you can’t free yourself from the shackles of sin? Are you looking high and low for the way to be free of sin? Sister Kemu used to feel sorrowful and distressed that she couldn’t find the way to be free from sin, and she worried that the Lord would abandon her. Now, however, she has welcomed the return of the Lord and has found the way to be free from sin. By reading the article below, you too will find this way.Read More »

Practicing the Truth Is the Key to Harmonious Coordination

Practicing the Truth Is the Key to Harmonious Coordination

By Dongfeng, USA

In August 2018, my duty was to make movie props with Brother Wang. At first, I felt there was so much I didn’t know so I asked Brother Wang for help all the time. After a bit, I got a grasp on the job. Also, I’d studied interior design and I’d worked in construction and had some carpentry experience so I could make props on my own before long. Then I realized that Brother Wang was good at designing interior sets but making the actual props wasn’t his forte. So when we had different trains of thought in that regard, I didn’t want to listen to him. I always thought I was better at making props and my plans were better than his. Over time, we butted heads more and more and sometimes we’d bicker for ages over what to do with a little block of wood. I’d often just give in for the sake of our relationship, but I always felt like I was right. After a while I felt really miserable and didn’t want to work with him at all.Read More »