Utterances of Christ | Chapter 31

Eastern Lightning | God's word

The disposition of God runs through all of God’s utterances, but the main thread of His words is revealing the rebellion of all mankind and exposing things such as their disobedience, insubordination, unfairness, unrighteousness, and inability to truly love God, such that God’s words have reached the point where He says that every pore in people’s bodies contains opposition to God, that even their capillaries contain defiance to God. If people do not try to examine these things, they will always be incapable of knowing them, and will never be able to cast them aside. This is to say, the virus that is opposition to God will spread in them and ultimately, it will be as if their white blood cells have devoured their red blood cells, leaving their entire body devoid of red blood cells; in the end, they will die from leukemia. Read More »


Utterances of Christ | Chapter 28

When you see that time is so fleeting and the work of the Holy Spirit rushes ahead, having caused you to attain such great blessings and receive the King of the universe, Almighty God, who is the shining Sun, the King of the kingdom—this is all My grace and mercy. What more is there that could cut you off from My love? Ponder carefully, do not try to escape, wait quietly before Me at every moment and do not always wander outside. Your heart must adhere closely to My heart, and no matter what may happen, do not act blindly or arbitrarily. You must look to My will, do whatever I desire, and be determined to abandon that which I do not desire. You must not act on your emotions, but instead practice righteousness, like Me, without sentiment even for your parents. You must abandon all that does not conform to the truth and you must offer yourself up and expend of yourself for Me, with a pure heart that loves Me. Do not suffer the control of any person, event, or thing; so long as it conforms to My will, then just practice it in accordance with My words. Have no fear, as My hands support you, and I will keep you away from all evildoers. You should guard your heart, be within Me at all times, for your life relies in its living on My own; if you leave Me, then you will wither at once.Read More »

Chapters 22 and 23

The Word Appears in the Flesh

Today, all are willing to grasp God’s will and know God’s disposition, yet none know the reason why they are incapable of carrying out what they are willing to do, why their hearts always betray them and they cannot achieve what they want. As a result, they are once more beset by crushing desperation, yet they are also fearful. Unable to express these conflicting emotions, they can only hang their heads in sorrow and incessantly ask themselves: “Could it be that God has not enlightened me? Could it be that God has secretly forsaken me? Perhaps everyone else is fine, and God has enlightened all of them except me. Read More »

Utterances of Christ | Chapter 21

The Church of Almighty God | God's word

Man falls down in the midst of My light, and stands fast because of My salvation. When I bring salvation to the entire universe, man tries to find ways to enter among the flow of My restoration, yet there are many who are washed away without trace by this torrent of restoration; there are many who are drowned and engulfed by the torrential waters; and there are many, too, who stand fast amid the torrent, who have never lost their sense of direction, and who have thus followed the torrent until today. I advance in step with man, yet still, man has never known Me; he knows only the clothes that I wear on the outside, but is ignorant of the riches hidden within Me.Read More »

Utterances of Christ | Chapter 18

All of God’s words contain part of His disposition. God’s disposition cannot be fully expressed in words, which suffices to show just how much richness there is in Him. What people can see and touch is, after all, limited, as is people’s ability. Although God’s words are clear, people are unable to understand them fully. Take these words for example: “In a flash of lightning, every animal is revealed in its true form. So too, illuminated by My light, man has regained the sanctity he once possessed. Oh, corrupt world of old! At last, it has toppled over into the filthy water and, sinking below the surface, has dissolved into mud!” All of God’s words contain His being, and though all people are aware of these words, none has ever known their meaning. Read More »

Utterances of Christ | Chapter 17

My utterances ring out like thunder, casting light in all directions and on the whole earth, and in the midst of thunder and lightning, humanity is struck down. No man has ever stayed firm in the midst of thunder and lightning; most men are terrified out of their wits at the coming of My light and know not what to do. When a faint glimmer of light begins to show in the East, many people, moved by this faint luminescence, are instantaneously roused from their illusions. Yet no one has ever realized that the day has come when My light descends upon the earth. The majority of men are dumbstruck by the sudden advent of the light, and some, with a gaze of curious fascination, observe the light’s movements and the direction of its approach, while some stand at the ready as they face the light, that they might more clearly understand its source. Read More »

Utterances of Christ | Chapter 16

Brothers and sisters, you may all know the little book prophesied in Revelation. But do you know the little book has been opened? Now the Lord Jesus has come back and opened the book. Most of those words are recorded in The Word Appears in the Flesh, which is the little book prophesied in Revelation. If you want to read this book and welcome the Lord, you can go to our official website and download the PDF document of The Word Appears in the Flesh for free.Read More »

Utterances of Christ | Chapter 12

Utterances of Christ | Chapter 12

When lightning issues from the East, which is also precisely the moment that I begin to utter My words—when the lightning issues, the whole empyrean is illuminated, and a transformation occurs in all the stars. The entire human race is as if it had been sorted out. Under the glow of this shaft of light from the East, all of mankind is revealed in their original form, their eyes dazzled, unsure what to do, and less sure still how to conceal their ugly features. They are also like unto animals that flee from My light and take refuge in mountain caves—yet not one among them can be effaced from within My light. All humans are astounded, all are waiting, all are watching; with the advent of My light, all rejoice at the day they were born, and likewise all curse the day they were born. Conflicting emotions are impossible to articulate; tears of self-castigation form rivers, and are borne away in the sweeping torrent, gone without trace in an instant. Read More »

Utterances of Christ | Chapter 10

The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Age of Kingdom is, after all, different from times past. It does not concern how humanity acts; rather, I have descended upon the earth to personally carry out My work, which is something that human beings can neither conceive of nor accomplish. For so many years, ever since the creation of the world, the work has only been about building the church, but one never hears of building the kingdom. Even though I speak of this with My own mouth, is there anyone who knows the substance of it? I once descended into the world of humans and experienced and observed their suffering, but did so without fulfilling the purpose of My incarnation. Once the building of the kingdom got under way, My incarnate flesh formally began to perform My ministry; that is, the King of the kingdom formally took up His sovereign power. From this it is evident that the descent of the kingdom into the human world—far from being merely a literal manifestation—is one of actual reality; this is one aspect of the meaning of “the reality of practice.” Read More »

The Millennial Kingdom Has Arrived

The Age of Millennial Kingdom is Christ in power on earth for a thousand years after Christ’s kingdom is realized on earth completely. Would you like to know what the beauty of the Millennial Kingdom is like? God’s words have revealed this mystery for us.

Almighty God | The Word Appears in the Flesh

Have you seen what work God will accomplish in this group of people? God once said, even in the Millennial Kingdom people must still follow His utterances onward, and in the future God’s utterances will yet directly guide man’s life in the good land of Canaan. Read More »