Reflection for Today: Does a Church Appearing Fervent Mean That It Has the Work of the Holy Spirit?

Hello brothers and sisters of Spiritual Q&A,

Several months ago, I witnessed the pastors in our church vying with each other for the sake of fame and gain and jockeying for position, so much so that they even verbally attacked and disparaged each other during sermons. Their sermons were not enjoyable to listen to, and our spirits went unnourished. Furthermore, there was widespread cooling of the faith of brothers and sisters; they pursued wealth, they coveted physical pleasures and they followed worldly trends, giving all their attention to eating, drinking and having fun. Most of the time, some brothers and sisters simply did not attend gatherings, but instead only came when a disaster occurred in their lives or when there was some important holiday … Faced with this situation in our church, I left to look for a church that had the work of the Holy Spirit. I searched in many places, however, and discovered that most churches were just the same, and I began to lose hope. I recently found a church, however, which often put on shows and held events, and it even had pastors coming from overseas to give sermons. The atmosphere in this church was very warm and enthusiastic, and many people attended each gathering. Read More »


The 3 Principles for Welcoming the Lord Jesus’ Return

By Yanjin

Being able to welcome the second coming of the Lord Jesus is the greatest wish of those who truly believe in the Lord. So how can we welcome the Lord Jesus? What follows is fellowship on the three principles so that we may welcome the Lord’s return together.


1. Don’t Rely on Notions and Imaginings, Have a God-fearing Heart

2. Actively Seek and Investigate the True Way

3. Focus on Hearing God’s Voice

Actively Seek and Investigate the True Way

1. Don’t Rely on Notions and Imaginings, Have a God-fearing Heart

In the Bible, it is recorded, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, said Jehovah. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:8–9). God’s words say, “We should all know that man, who is of the flesh, has been corrupted by Satan. Mankind’s very nature is to oppose God. Read More »

What’s God’s Will Behind Lazarus Rising From the Dead?

Friends, maybe you know the story of Lazarus resurrected from the dead, but do you know what the Lord Jesus’ intention behind this miracle was? Here I share with you an article through which those who are thirsty for the truth have had an understanding of God’s will and disposition. Don’t miss it!

Eastern Lightning | image

By Shenwei, China

The Lord Jesus’ resurrection of Lazarus is recorded in the Bible: “Martha, the sister of him that was dead, said to Him, Lord, by this time he stinks: for he has been dead four days. Jesus said to her, Said I not to you, that, if you would believe, you should see the glory of God? Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up His eyes, and said, Father, I thank You that You have heard Me. And I knew that You hear Me always: but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that You have sent Me. And when He thus had spoken, He cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth. Read More »

Do You Know the Meaning of the Lord Jesus’ Resurrection and of His Appearance to Man?

Do you know the profound meaning of the appearance of the Lord Jesus after His resurrection?

2000 years ago, the Lord Jesus was resurrected to the cross, and after three days, He was resurrected and appeared to man. This is really a wonder for people back then and their descendants, and moreover, is a powerful proof: The Lord Jesus is God Himself and He overcomes the bondage of death and Hades; He is different from all created beings and He is God Himself, the Unique! Regarding the fact that the Lord Jesus was resurrected, what’s the great significance to the people back then?
Read the following article right away and it will help you to understand the truth and mystery…Read More »

What Should I Do if My Work Is So Busy That I Shun the Lord?

True Christian Life: Here are articles about interpersonal relationships, educating children, spiritual life and more, helping resolve your problems and difficulties in faith and life.”

What Should I Do if My Work Is So Busy That I Shun the Lord?

Hello brothers and sisters,

I’m a new believer who has recently accepted God’s work. Although I know that, as a Christian, one must attend church gatherings and read God’s words, and I want to practice in accordance with God’s requirements, my work is so busy every day at the moment and I have an active social life. I feel exhausted every day. Although I’ve made some money over the past few years and my living standards have improved, I always feel like I want to make more money in order to provide protection for my family’s future. Therefore, I work very hard every day to make money and I have no time to attend church gatherings or read God’s words. My heart always feels empty and I feel indebted to the Lord. How can I find a balance between my work and my belief in God?Read More »

Mysteries of the Bible: Is It Right to Delimit God’s Words and Work to the Bible?

Did you know? God does not take the Bible as the basis of what He does
The Lord has returned and expressed words to do new work. After hearing the news, some people think that all of God’s word and work are in the Bible, that anything that goes beyond the Bible is not God’s work but a heresy. Does this view conform to the facts of God’s work? Let us read this article together and find the answer from it.

The Church of Almighty God | the bible

By Xia Yu

A few days ago, Brother Li, who had returned from working elsewhere, hurried over and said to me that he happened to come across someone who preached to him that the Lord Jesus had already returned, and that the Lord was speaking new words and performing new work beyond those that are recorded in the Bible. He didn’t think this possible, however, because pastors and elders often preached at church assemblies that all of God’s words and works are recorded in the Bible, that there are no words of God beyond the Bible, and that God cannot possibly perform any new work beyond that which is in the Bible.Read More »

Reflection on Matthew 25: How to Become Wise Virgins

My friends, you must hope that you can become wise virgins to welcome the Lord’s return, right? Do you know why they are wise virgins? Click to find the answer.

How to Become Wise Virgins

Sister Mu Zhen,

Peace to you in the Lord! I’m so happy you’ve written. You’ve mentioned in your letter that the day of the Lord’s coming is near, and that you are intentionally reading Scripture and praying more, and doing more work for the Lord so that you can be one of the wise virgins who is vigilantly awaiting the Lord’s coming. However, these things have not sharpened your spiritual acuity or increased your faith or love for the Lord.

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What’s the True Meaning of “I and My Father Are One” in John 10:30?

By Xie Wen, Japan

The Lord Jesus said, “I and My Father are one” (John 10:30). “Have I been so long time with you, and yet have you not known Me, Philip? he that has seen Me has seen the Father; and how say you then, Show us the Father? Believe you not that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me?” (John 14:9–10). It stands to reason that the Son is the Son and the Father is the Father, so how could They be one? How should we understand the verse “I and My Father are one”?


● Where Did the Reference to “the Son and the Father” Come From?

● Does the Interpretation of “the Father and the Son” Hold Up? 

● Why Did the Lord Jesus Call God in Heaven the Father? 

● Why Wouldn’t God Have Directly Testified That the Lord Jesus Was God Himself?

What’s the True Meaning of “I and My Father Are One” in John 10:30?

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Today’s Homily: Can We Really Receive the Returned Lord by Waiting for the Revelation?

By Tian Yuan

Editor’s Note: In chapter 22 of Revelation, it’s prophesied a few times, “I come quickly.” It’s certain that every brother and sister who sincerely believes in the Lord hopes to be able to receive the returned Lord Jesus and dine with Him at the wedding banquet. So, what should we do to be ready to receive the returned Lord? Read the following to discover the answer.

Today’s Homily: Can We Really Receive the Returned Lord by Waiting for the Revelation?


Will the Lord’s Return Be Revealed to the Pastors and Elders?

Will God Reveal Himself to Man When He Comes to Work?

The Path to Joyously Receiving the Lord’s Return in the Last DaysRead More »