Gospel Movie Extract 1 From “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit”: Exploring the Cause of Desolate Churches

Why Does the Church Become More and More Desolate?
As I chatted with a friend, he said : “Nowadays, the clergy only ever preach on the same old things; the believers’ faith and love have grown cold, and many follow the evil worldly trends, pursuing life’s pleasure and material enjoyment. They knowingly sin and hardly feel guilty even when they sin and resist the Lord. All they do is just going through the motions of praying and repenting to God. Besides, they attend gatherings as a formality, and since they cannot benefit from it, they simply stop attending meetings. In short, the situation with the churches now is very similar to that with the temple at the end of the Age of Law. Why? Has the Lord forsaken us? Facing the situation, what should we do?
These questions are also the confusions of many believers in the Lord. Today I wanna recommend you all a video, in which the protagonist had the same questions, but by seeking the truth, he found the root cause of the churches’ desolation, and eventually he welcomed the Lord and gained the watering and sustenance of the living water of life. Please watch this video, and it will help you.

Gospel Movie Extract 1 From “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit”: Exploring the Cause of Desolate Churches

In recent years, the religious world has become more and more desolate and there have been more and more iniquities, pastors and elders have nothing to preach and have lost the work of the Holy Spirit. Would you like to know the cause of the desolation of the religious world? Would you like to obtain the work of the Holy Spirit and keep pace with the Lamb’s footsteps? Then watch this clip! Cho Yeonghan was a pastor of a church in Korea. He was zealous in serving the Lord for decades and earned great respect from the believers. In recent years, the church became desolate day by day. More and more evils emerged, and even he himself was often afflicted by sin. Thus, he felt extremely miserable and confused…. After much consideration, he gave up his post as a pastor and left his denomination to seek the true way that could free him from sin. He visited several other denominations, but their desolation and degeneration brought him into severer loss and helplessness. Earnestly, he prayed, “O Lord! Where are you? …” Out of surprise, when investigating the word of Almighty God, he found that the Lord Jesus has come back and He is Almighty God, the last Christ.


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